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Some helpful ways to solve Bible Cryptograms

Start with small words like I, a, of, as, he, to, be, etc.

in the puzzle below the letter "I" in substituted everywhere the letter "R" is found ( 9 places)

By looking for the same combinations of letters more than once in a puzzle you will find the more common words. The combination "S X B" appears more than once and "X B" appears 4 times together.
so the word "THE" would be a good choice to try first. With those three letters used you already have 31 letters of the puzzle finished.!

Now you will be able to see common three letter words starting to form

By filling in the most common letters in the three and four letter words - other bigger words will start to form

Just continue filling in the four and five letter words and the bigger more complicated words will start to form

Basically the trick is to start with common small words and progress up to bigger less common words.

When you have completed the ONLINE cryptoverse correctly you will see the screen below giving you the book, chapter and Bible verse